Tabibakjo.jo is The First Online Health Directory and Booking System in the Middle East


To achieve the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Al Hussein in relation to the computerization of the health sector, Tabibakjo.jo was established in 2016 with the aim of serving the private health sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Tabibakjo Relies on technology to provide effective technical solutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of private health care services in Jordan in order to move forward and contribute towards a more effective future for the private health sector in the kingdom.Our website is Tabibakjo.jo


The company focuses its efforts on the successful implementation of its noble plans to strengthen the private health sector, in order to ensure the elevation of procedures related to the daily process of any private health facility at all levels, improving the patient's experience while receiving health care and maximizing the effectiveness of health management in Jordan.


The facilitation of the relationship between the doctor, patient and medical labs through the availability of all required services that the doctor and private medical facilities in one place.


Tabibakjo.jo applies the highest standards of computerization in the private health sector and the establishment of electronic medical files in the Kingdom.


Our vision

Support and develop the private health care sector in Jordan by providing health facilities with IT solutions to provide advanced medical care.


Our Mission

Enabling doctors to archive medical records electronically and the information of medical patients, their accessibility and revision through the application Tabibakjo at any time easily, which will have a great positive impact on the quality of services provided by the private health sector.