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This page contains the text of the agreement between you and your site and / or application "" TabibakJO

Site and / or the application  "TabibakJO"
Resorting to the services offered by the site and / or an application, it means you're acknowledging the approval of the overall terms and conditions listed below, and you have read all the terms and conditions of use, and you have accepted it and approved it, and you've agreed to read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using any service of Services site and / or the free application and / or paid. You can, if you do not agree to all terms and conditions, to refrain from entering the site and / or application.

Organic and password and secret:

You are responsible for your site and / or the application of the word "" TabibakJO and you have to maintain the confidentiality of the password and all activities that occur using your membership, and you agree to the following:
We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from a failure to maintain the confidentiality of your membership data in any of the TabibakJO services.

The behavior of Members:

By joining the TabibakJO, you undertake not to raise, or put, or download, or publish, or distribute, or send through TabibakJO, any of the following:

1. substances that do harm to any of the users of the site and or application, or prevent them, or limit the use and benefit of the site and / or application
2. Materials that are blunt and aggressive, or that involve slander or defamation or threat of illegal, or that contain the words obscene obscene or pornographic.
3. encouraging or contributing to the behavior of a criminal nature, or requiring civil liability, or which involve a violation of the law.
4. Each involves a breach of copyright, or assault her,
5. materials contain viruses or any harmful contents.
6. materials containing misleading or false or naked truth information.


We are not responsible for any direct damage, or indirect, incidental, or in conjunction, or as a result of a particular case, whether it relates to profits, or branding, or use, or data, or any other loss of intangible resulting from the use or deficiencies in the use of Our services.
Is also responsible for the losses resulting from the services, or data, or information, or received messages, or for any modification or access illegal to correspondence or data, or for problems resulting from contact with any third party, through one of the Site and Services / or application, or any other matter regarding that service.

Privacy - confidentiality of data:

TabibakJO not committed to maintaining your email address or phone number, or any of the privacy of your personal information. This means that your email address and your phone number is available to everyone if you add any kind of advertising in the medical center or have chosen to display data from the control panel option. , Please pay attention. You can always edit your page from your administration.

Biscuit :

Like any other site, we use "cookies" to store private data around you and keep track of your visits to our website. We use these files to facilitate learned about our members.
We know the cookies is a set of data we send to the web browser to store it in your computer and return it to us upon request if you do not delete them after completion of browsing our site.
We use the cookies to identify you when you return to the site without having to enter your user name and password each time and also to learn about how you use the site.

You can choose to accept the storage of this data in your computer through the browser you are using. You can accept or store all data Options rejected this option, if you know how to it. You can use a specialist in computer science to help you.
We allow other companies are dealing with it in order to display advertisements in our stores and use their own files cookies, on your computer. The method of using this data subject to the privacy policy of those companies.

Records of visits:

TabibakJO reserves, titled Internet Protocol and data such as browser type and Internet provider and your location, and records / or application of the documented history and the number of visits, with the annals logged in and out of the site. We use this data to conduct our own stats for the management of the site and / or application, but as we mentioned we have the right to give this data to any judicial authority upon request.

We reserve the right to assess the situation, which allows us to give your data that you used to enter the site or application and "" TabibakJO any third party for lawful purposes.

Additional items:
The use of another e-mail does not mean you're someone else.

Overall agreement:

∙ This agreement represents the entire contract between you and TabibakJO with respect to your use of the site and or application.

"TabibakJO" the right to change the terms of this agreement whenever you want.